Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I went to Hannah’s School Party the Thursday before V-day…it was SOO much fun.  Some of the parents didn’t see the point…i love going…i love seeing Hannah with her friends…interacting…telling me all about her class.  She LOVES school, loves her teacher, her friends, it’s all soo great.  Some day’s i’m soo sad that we haven’t sold our other house…but then i see the smile on her face…she LOVES her school…her friends…and everything about her new home.  It might not be the perfect situation right now…but i don’t regret it…i’m soo happy that my girls are happy..the love their new schools..and that is the MOST important thing for me. 

Here’s me and my beautiful big girl at her party. 


The cutest little V-day bags ever! 


My valentine with her friends.  Hannah, Conner, Nali & Christopher



Annie said...

looks like they had lots of fun at their party.