Friday, May 29, 2009

Water day- St. Rose 2009 – 5/27/09

Today Paul stayed home with the twins, while i went to school with Hannah to help with her water day.  Lots of parents pitched in and brought something for the kidos to play.  I took in some side walk chalk, my bubble machine, and also had the bright idea of a water balloon toss.  You can see the day in pics..



Ms. Stephens chatting with the kidos!  SHE is really the best principal…


The water balloon toss..


More water balloon toss..the kidos really enjoyed it..but the balloons weren’t filled with enough water and they were busting that well.  My favorite part, that’ll i’ll remember for a while..i was teaching the kidos how to bust the balloons since we just weren’t making any progress with the balloon toss and threw one at Ms. Cantus feet and totally busted!  LOL!



Ms. Cantu looks like she’s having some fun there..


Some Professional balloon tossers or WHAT?!


Samantha busting one on Hannah’s head!


Amelie busting one on her own head..excuse the blurry pics..guess i had eater on my camera!


Hannah on the awesome water slide..this was one cool slide..i wanted to jump on and slide myself! :)



Olivia getting shot at, by the water gun..


The line to go up the water slide..


All the girls..there were 10 girls and 5 boys in Hannah’s class..L-R(Samantha, Lily F, Olivia, Hannah & Lilly A)


Playing with my bubble machine!


Hannah’s BF Lily F!


Afterwards..the kidos were TIRED!


And then they went into the Gym after lunch to do some more jumping and had snow cones!  FUN!


Then Back outside for some more play..Hannah did really good sliding down the pole!


THEN, Mommy took her for some mommy & me time and we had some YUMMY ice cream!  We’ve never done this before(just the two of us) and it was FUN! 



Barbara Manatee said...

that water slide DOES look cool!!! Our school's field day is Monday with lots of water games...hopefully its warm enough! Our mornings are still pretty cool here lately...

I'm hoping my older two are willing to get wet this summer...last year they did NOT like sprinklers, etc...we'll see if we brave any splash pads this summer or not!

cat said...

Oh The Little Miss and I often go on our own little dates - we love it.

Lisa & Gerald said...

sounds like a fun day...