Thursday, May 21, 2009

School is drawing to an end..

And i’ve been one crazy mama these days.  From going back and forth once a day to the new house..the keeping the girls home from school for a few weeks to keep that nasty swine out of my house.  We officially move out of this house the weekend after Memorial day, since Hannah will be done with school.  BUT, we are going to sleep at the new house this weekend b/c we just can’t wait any longer.  I’m really loving the new house..but very anxious to sell the house we are living in now.  With the economy the way it’s stressful.  BUT, i know we just need on family to fall in love with this house the way we did 3 years ago! 


The girls are really keeping me busy these days.  They are all 3 the cutest little girls ever. 


Hannah is growing by leaps and bounds and soo ready to be tall enough to eat without  a booster be tall enough to stand in our new pool without a be big enough to make it all the way across the monkey bars at school like some of her friends can do now.  This past year has been really good for her..she’s learned WAY more than i ever though she’d learn in one year.  She’s just SMART for her age.  I may be a little biased…but what can i say..she’s my mini me! :)  We’ve been chatting a lot lately about moving and she’s said she’s really ready to move.  She’s excited about meeting new friends..walking to school or riding the bus..starting swimming lessons the very first day of her summer break..and maybe taking dance lessons if we can find a fun place for that.  She’s also really excited about turning 5!  WHOA..i still can’t believe she’ll be 5 soo soon!  She’s not my little baby anymore..despite the fact that i still carry her to bed every night, just as we’ve done since she was old enough to crash on the couch, while watching t.v!  :)  She’s such a sweet motherly little girl.  She takes such good care of her’s just precious!  She will help them with snacks, drinks, read them books and even help them say their prayers at night before bed.  It’s just TOO cute. 


The girls are growing by leaps and bounds too!  We are soo very blessed to have them and Hannah!  They are so amazingly smart for their age.  They talk in complete sentences, know most of their primary colors, sing their abc’s, love to watch movies and truly have a bond like no other.  I’ve heard people say how the twin bond is so tight and they will be best friends forever..and for a while there, i was really doubting that.  The biting was non stop and hair pulling and hitting and everything else that comes along with a sibling, we’re BAD!  Lately, it’s so different.  If one twin gets hurt..the other runs to her aid..and kisses her, holds her hand and does everything she can to make the other one happy.  It’s amazing.  Just yesterday i dropped Hannah off at school and Sarah & Sam were in the back and insisted in sitting next to each other(which could have had something to do with wanting to sit in Hannah’s seat)..but i gave in and let them.  We were on our way to the grocery store and hear them giggling and laughing and one say to the other ‘Hold my hand sissy…Hold my hand”!  I turn around to check it out and they are just holding hands laughing and giggling.  I’m a tab jealous in a way…i never had that bond they have..i never will.  Not because i didn’t want it..just because my sisters and i were years apart..and never hung out with the same friends.  They are two very lucky little girls to have each other.  And with Hannah being so close in age..i bet she will also be very close to them. 


I need to add some pics..but just haven’t had time lately.  I will add some soon. 


cat said...

Oh the excitement of a new home! I am so glad you are all doing so well. And I so can not wait to get over the biting thing - I hate it.

Missy said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing good! Yay for school coming to end & summer beginning!

Annie said...

Hi Brenda. I'm glad that everyone is fine and that soon you are going to be at the new house.

Definitely, you have wonderful girls. God bless your three precious. Is nice that they are close in age because they can share a lot of things a be best friends.

Have a great day.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Awww love your blog post..

BoufMom9 said...

OH! I just love hearing about how sweet your girls are with each other. So glad they are becoming so close and tender with one another.