Friday, March 20, 2009

No break over here…

I don’t think we can catch a break over here.  It’s sickness sickness sickness.  Thank Goodness the weather is nicer outside and i can still let them run wild in back if they choose to do so.  Sarah has come down with something, AGAIN!  This time i picked her up from MDO and changed her clothes..let them run outside and noticed she had goose bumps all over her body.  It was very weird b/c it was in the high 70’s and she shouldn’t have been all goose bumpy in shorts and a t-shirt.  SO, i brought her inside and checked her temp-103.4!  WHAT?!  For real, didn’t we JUST get over a virus.  I mean, how MANY bugs can one child get in one year??!!!  My poor poor babies!  It breaks my heart to see them sick.  I know either way, we’re very lucky that they ARE healthy. 

Anyway, Hannah and i had a fun two days to do Mommy & Daughter things while she was on spring break.  We went and had Mani-Pedi’s, which was TONS of fun.  Then Thursday, we dropped the girls off a MDO and came home to wait for the dishwasher guy to come fix it.  We put our very first BIG GIRL puzzle together.  Of course, no less than a tinker bell puzzle!  We also worked on her address and phone number..counting to 100 and counting to 20 in Spanish.  I also bought this cool book of kindergarten activities and she could do them with no problems..CRAZY!  I honestly think we have one pretty smart cookie on our hands. 


Hannah in her Butterfly Chair getting a MANI/PEDI! 




Hannah with the Tink Puzzle she put together!

DSC00132 DSC00133

And then she asked very nicely to use my fancy camera..not sure if i should have let her use it..but i’m a sucker. :)  Here are some of her pics. 

Mr. Beta


Upside down Hannah..


Pics of her favorite babies


The girls beds..this is how the sleep now..all separated in their own beds.


More baby pics..


Mr. Beta


Mommy doing her favorite past time..folding clothes! 



Barbara Manatee said...

glad you and Hannah had fun but sorry to hear the sickies are back! You just have no luck this winter!! Sorry! Hang in there!

Staci said...

That is the cutest pedi chair ever. Looks like you girls had a fun time.

Annie said...

Poor Sarah. I hope she feel better. Love the pictures. I like their beds.

Have a great weekend.

BoufMom9 said...

I have missed checking in with you... so sorry the girls are getting sick again :(
How wonderful that you got to spend so much time together with just hannah. What lovely mommy/daughter time.

Missy said...

So sorry to hearing that sickness has come back! UGH! I hope she is better soon!

What a smart girl you have! Counting to 20 in Spanish!! Wow!

cat said...

Ah cutie ! Hope they all feel better soon. A pedi/mani for kids! Gosh, not here!