Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Character Parade @ Hannah’s school!

I worked pretty hard on my first project for Hannah’s class the last few days.  They have an annual Character day Parade every year…this entails each child in grade K-2, picking out and getting all dressed up as a character from a book they like to read.  Hannah wanted to be..PINKALICIOUS!  DUH!  I made her tutu and her wings..i thought i did a pretty good job for an amateur.  Remind me next time..to just go buy the tutu though..it would have been easier and almost a bit cheaper..TULLE is pretty pricy if you don’t conserve. 



I made the wings myself…Pink-Alicious….I think they came out pretty darn cute. 


Hananh(keep in mind she still has a black eye from falling off of the chair at the pic people)..and micah and Lauren…


Hannah and Micah…she lives over one block…she’s soo sweet.  One of Hannah’s BFF’s!


During the parade…


Hannah pre parade…the girls are still in their pj’s!


Hannah last night…in HER pj’s!


Posing for the camera….


It’s been a while..but i’m going to try to get back on the blog bandwagon…facebook(my year long addiction) is getting old. :>)


cat said...

Thanks for all the catch- up posts! I am also going to attempt to make a tutu for January, but we really do not have many places to buy something like that.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Awwww too cute....