Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Allison’s 5th Birthday Party..

Sam, trying to get out of the ball pit.


Playing in the ball pit before the melt down..


Happy Girls…




Happy Sarah..who loves her grandma SOO much!


Silly Face with grandma..


Sarah letting Sam have a drink..soo sweet when they share.


I feel bad..i didn’t get very many pics b/c this is one of the very small amount of times Hannah really had a break down.  She hadn’t taken a nap..and when a guy told her she was going the wrong way down something..she just melted and cried.  It was all over for her after that..so mommy held her and made the best of it.  SOO SAD..b/c i know how much they love each other..but things happen..and naps are good for days when we have birthday parties…hopefully that’ll be a mental note to self from now on…


Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet niece Allison!


Annie said...

Hi Brenda.

Looks like the girls had lots of fun.

Your girls are so big. How time flies?

Naps are a problem here but let's see what's happens.

Take care