Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our New House..

It’s been a while since i posted pics.  This Facebook thing is consuming WAY too much of my time.  Here are some pics for those of you that aren’t connected with me through FB! 


WELL, Maybe not, since my computer crashed and Paul had to clean the entire thing out..BUT, here is the link to my Facebook public album..




Check it out.  SORRY i couldn’t actually post pics..but hopefully i’ll have access to Pauls computer from mine pretty soon!  :)


On another note, here are a few pics of my beautiful girls..it’s been a while since i posted pics of them…but life is truly crazy these days!





The girls in their M & M shirts from the M & M store in Vegas!


Hannah mid air at a restaurant in town..we love Clays!


The girls battling it out..who’s going to move out of who’s way?


Already learning to cruise in the jeep!


Hannah wanted to take a little cruise in the jeep too!


Uncle jeff is AWESOME and painted all the girls faces on day!  Sarah the kitty!


Sam had dots b/c she wasn’t quite sure about the idea of painting on her face at first..


My SWEET PRECIOUS NIECE Allison..she had a rainbow and flower..


Hannah had a rainbow and a sun on her forehead!  LOL!




The big girls..who actually traded dresses for the day! :)


These were at my parents house..we decided to drop by for my moms bday..the girls took my mom some flowers!

Sarah & PAPA!


Hannah, Gma & Sam


Gpa snuggling with Sarah!


Sarah getting a life and Hannah getting a hug from gma!


These were just a few randoms..Hannah was reading a book to the girls. 

Notice that the twins have very different personalities..or different clothes for sure.  I gave up on matching them..unless we’re going out in public.  The love wearing Hannah’s clothes..SHOES & pj’s.  We have lots of days where the go around wearing Hannah’s pj’s during the day. PRETTY darn funny!




The girls just LOVE apples..and now that Sam has learned to open the fridge..we have to put the apples up high.  BUT, thanks to HEB-2 bags o apples for 5.00..we’ve stocked up and they eat apples freely around the house! :)


These pics are priceless..These two dresses were actually bought and worn By HANNAH & ALLISON..way before the girls were born.  LOOK AT THAT..now the twins are wearing them…it’s amazing how fast they are growing and how time flies by SOO quickly!


Another shot..the dresses even fit them well!


Daddy making pizza dough with the girls for V-day!  SOO CUTE..until dad dropped the dough on the floor and we had to eat it anyway.  Thank goodness i’m a clean freak and mop at least once a day!  LOL!


This was MY FAVORITE v-day present of ALL TIME!  I’m kinda  a freak..i LOVE the cheap cheese and chips that you get in movie theaters and festivals..so paul bought me some for v-day!  I esp like it when the chips get all soggy..so we soggied them up and it was the best food ever!



This pic of sam and her new lipstick dad brought home for her from his short trip to dallas..she loved it!  LOL!


Hope everyone is well and i hope to start blogging more now that our house is clean and on the market and our lives are starting to slow down for now. 


The Synnott's said...

hey girl... looks like life is pretty busy. we are doing MDO at the met on jones. look into it!

Brandi said...

Very cute pics! Love the dresses. Question...and please don't shoot me as I often want to do to people when I get this question...are your girls ID?

Annie said...

I'm glad that everyone is fine and the house is in the market. I like the pictures of the girls (all are growing so fast, OMG).

Barbara Manatee said...

First off, LOVE the M&M store in Vegas, too! We stopped there every day, I think! We have an awesome cookie jar that has an M&M American flag on it!

2nd...cracking up over the pizza dough. If it were in my kitchen, you'd be calling for take out! LOL! (I can't believe I just admitted that!!)

3rd - the girls are just so cute!!! (and you look so much like your sister! in the pic with your nephew...)

Annie said...

BTW, I see the pictures of the new house is beautiful.

Heather Marie said...

Love the pictures!!!! :)

cat said...

Oh the new house looks stunning!

BoufMom9 said...

I have missed you!!!!
These pictures are all so adorable, but I esp LOVE the ones of the girls with the book! Just precious!

The house looks just beautiful! Congrats!!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh wow I love your new house looks great! Also love the pics of the girls at the park too cute!

jay_say said...

Can't believe how big the girls are getting... funny how us moms stop with the same clothes thing then they will go through a phase when they cry when they are not alike then they will cry when they are dressed alike... life's vicious cycle. Anyways... I too have been sucked into facebook which is the reason I haven't been around. I'll check out the pics though.

Lisa said...

Hey Brenda - Swing by my bloggie-blog to get your Mom Of the Year award - I picked you in my five!