Saturday, February 07, 2009

Computer is fixed and i'm ready to roll!

Finally, my computer is fixed and i can get back to normal!  I'm soo excited i can hardly stand it.  I feel like i've put life on hold for the past month b/c i haven't really blogged much.  My whole life has revolved around blogging..but when your computer keys just don't's not so fun anymore! :) 


Today in Celebration of Tuesdays life, we decided instead of taking a waggie ride..we went to Clays restaurant and played outside.  No wagon, but we were still all thinking about Tuesday and i know, celebrating her life.  I'm not sure what the weather was like in Colorado today(where Tuesday lives) but here, the weather was GEORGOUS!  I mean, how many places can you have 75' weather and sit outside and eat and play in the beginning of FEBRUARY!??!!


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