Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Pics of Hannah's bday party!

Hannah's 3rd Birthday!!!

What a great birthday party Hannah had today! She had such a great day and received soo many nice presents. We just had my family over and our neighbor Charlie across the street came over too. He is a very sweet older man who's a widow and kinda like hannah's 3rd grandpa! She yells hello to him all the time and when i bake a cake i always take some over to him! Anyway i think her favorite present was...the motorized barbie Jeep! Surprise! Between Hannah and Allison they rode most of the day except for when we were eating lunch! She also received a scooter, a training wheel bike and this huge tent system that takes up our whole living room!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Here are a few pics of the girls as well as a couple of my friend Megan and her girls Charley and Maddy. Megan came over yesterday to visit and her girls had such a good time with the babies. There was no fighting over who was going to hold who...there were enough babies to pass around! Luckily my girls were in a good mood...they just loved having someone to hold them for a while.

In the high Chairs Sarah is on the left and Sam is on the right. We just got new high chairs because they are really growing out of the bumpos. These keep them in and i don't worry about anyone falling on the floor!

In the crib Sarah is also on the left and Sam on the right...They were having a good day that day too!

Tomorrow is Hannah's bday party and i've decided she's getting a 4 wheeler barbie jeep! I think she's going to LOVE it! I sure hope so! I'll add more pics tomorrow after her family party!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Bad week for us!

We've had a pretty stressful week with the girls so far. First and foremost both girls are getting up at night crying...i'm assuming because their teeth are coming in...YUCK! I've been feeding them tylenol and baby orajel all day everyday! I know this too shall pass...o but i didn't miss this after Hannah made it through this stage! :)

Second of all the girls are in fact sick. Their noses have been running and running and running. Poor babies...i feel so bad for them. Luckily they are troopers just like Hannah was and it doesn't really seem to bother them and the only sign i have of a cold is snot all over their faces.

Third of all I was holding Sam today and Paul noticed that her toe looked bloody. We took her to a bright light to check it out and sure enough somehow her middle toe nail got ripped off...completly! Poor Poor Baby! I feel so bad and cringe just thinking about it. I have no idea when or how it happened...

Lastly, we're planning Hannah's 3rd bday's going to be very low key this year. We didnt' invite anyone other than family and Amy and her family. Amy won't be coming because they are in FL this really it's just Mom. Dad, My sisters and their husbands and one of Hannah's favorite cousins Allison! We're going to blow up the big jumper and put up the pool and grill hamburgers and hot dogs. Should be fun and low key.

O yeah one more bit of info...our bathroom is still NOT done! Pauls shower door came in...but they totally measured mine wrong(we have double showers) and so they have to go back and recut and temper the glass again...after waiting FOUR WEEKS...or maybe even more! I'm furious and so annoyed and my patience is running low. How could this happen!???? So we'll see how long it takes for the SECOND TIME! UGH!

Friday, July 13, 2007

A few more pics...i'm finally learning how to load pics onto the computer

All the girls are growing up so fast. Here are a few pics of The Twins with Hannah & cousin Allison...They were totally acting like big girls holding the babies! It was soo cute!

I thought Sarah was going to take a dive onto the floor here. Hannah had to hold on tight! :)

Sarah just loves taking baths. I took the bathtub thing that hooks over the tub and put it in the sink...saving a bunch of money on water here since we fill up the sink v/s the bath! That's what you have to do when you have to bathe two babies, etc. :>) Next thing you know i'm going to be using the same dirty water for the second bath of the day! JUST KIDDING!

A few more pics...

These aren't the best pics...but see below because my nieces trip down to houston with my in laws is on here now. The girls had a great time...we went to Kemah, Nasa, the childrens museum, Schlitterbahn, the beach for a few minutes & The Aquarium downtown! What a great time we had...i think i had the best time of all...i got a bit of a break from the girls for a few days! What a TREAT for ME!
Enjoy the pics!
Happy Friday the 13th!

Here are some Great Pics of my Nieces!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Has another tooth coming in too. The top right side...while Sarah is getting in her left side. They are right about even now on teeth!

On another note: We're having Hannah's bday party on July 28th. We're just going to have family this year. I just don't have time to put together a party for any amount of people this year. Esp since i don't have any help anymore. I can't believe my little girl is going to be THREE! She's such a big girl now. I can't even remember back when she wasn't talking or walking!

Lastly, i've started selling all the girls stuff on ebay. I've put on about 7 items and most have bids on them...i'm excited about making room in the house and making some money. Plus Once i get the closet upstairs cleaned out we can move some furniture around and maybe get Hannah some BIG GIRL furniture and let her sleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs! We'll see!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Has another tooth coming in i can see. All you can see is a tiny dot coming out of the top left's so cute. I don't think it'll take long for it to come in...the last tooth came in really really fast. We'll see.

I checked Sam's teeth and still no top teeth for her.

I wonder if we're in for another rough weekend...didn't the bottom front teeth come in on a weekend too??? I think they did.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The girls are interacting

Well today after i figured out the girls were able to sit up completly unassisted, I put them next to each other and threw a whole bunch of toys in front of them. Watching them play was the cutest thing ever! They would totally check out what each other had and take the toys away from each other. They totally were watching each other and trying to eat each others with each others toys. They are already not very good at sharing...but it's so cute. They would bump heads and smile at each other. I can't wait to show them off to everyone. What a blessing out two sweet babies are to us. They are healthy and beautiful and everything a mother and father could want times two, no actually times three!

Sarah & Samantha are sitting up!

Well the girls are finally strong enough to sit up on their own. They still fly backwards every once in a while...but are getting much stronger day by day. It's amazing b/c last week i didn't think they were close to sitting up. Now i can prop them up in the double boppy i have and they sit. Once i a while they will fly forward and slide on to their belly....but definitely sturdy and steady for a couple of minutes! OH how i can't wait for them to just sit there, not move, but not have to lay on their back. They were so cute earlier. I had them on the carpet in their room and they were all sitting up playing with toys! SOO cute. I'll post a pic later.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

6 month checkup!

Sarah and Sam did great at their 6 month check up.

First and most importantly both twins have grown a LOT in the past 2 months.

Here are the stats:
Sarah is 26 inches long, head circum is 17 and weight is 15.
She is in the 30% for weight, 40% for height & 75% for head

Sam is26 inches tall, head circum is 17 and weight is 16lbs
She is in the 50% for weight, 40% for height and 75% for head.

It's amazing how much they've grown in 2 months. The dr. had to remeasure just to check her assistant to make sure the measurements were right. They were right plus or minus a tiny bit. She said they are right on track and growing just as they should. She was surprised that they could switch hands with toys...they've been doing that for about 2 weeks. They are also turning from their belly to their back...totally weird and opposite from what Hannah did...but in a good way. Melodys' babies are also doing the same so i was never concerned. I just don't remember Hannah every doing it.

Well the girls are finally resting after a long day at the dr. Hannah used to just sleep and sleep after we got back from the dr...not so for the twins. They were up and playing and wanting to eat when we got home....perhaps b/c i skipped their breakfast cereal this morning to get them ready in time.

When they got their shots Sam screamed for a bit...Sarah on the other hand yelped for a sec of two and was ok. She's totally like Hannah. Hannah did the exact same thing when she was a baby and had to get shots.

On another note...i can't believe Hannah's bday is so close. This year we're going to skip the Big party ruckus and just have family and a couple of kids over. I think Hannah will have more fun with just a couple of people over and i don't want the girls to freak out with a ton of people over at out house anyway. This year the theme of her party is teletubbies...she absolutely LOVES the guys. We watch them every morning on PBS at 630a.

Think that's it for now...Happy 4th to everyone!