Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New blog site coming soon!

I'm going to create a new blog very soon because Paul said it's not just the Myerstwins anymore...but now it's the myers family! As soon as i get the new site up and running i will add a link to this blog.

By the way we went to the dr. today. The girls are doing really well except for Sarah loosing a bit more weight than we expected.

The girls weights are as follows:
Sarah birth weight: 5.11 and current weight is 5.4
Samantha birth weight: 5.7 and current weight is 5.7

I think the weight loss has something to do with the twin to twin transfusion but we're not sure. Sarah was the receiving twin while Samantha was the donating twin. So i think that perhaps because Sarah had so much blood, the blood may be breaking down and causing her to loose weight. Not for sure though.

Other than that the girls are doing great...lots of eating, sleeping and pooping!

I will keep you updated when i change the site.

By the way our contractor did disappear. I'm still just amazed that someone could do something so horrible to a family with brand new babies coming home! Paul has called him constantly called him since the day after xmas and no return calls. We are taking him to court and trying to get out of our contract asap so we can hire a new contractor to finish up. I have not one good thing to say about the contractor. he ruined so many things in our house it was a living nightmare! He even left the bathroom all opened up to the outside & our bedroom so it was like living outside when you walked into that side of the house. Luckily Paul and my dad sealed the bedroom up today so that we don't have a draft with the girls & ourselves right down the hall.
We found out today that the contractor has one case pending against him for deceptive practice, one case he lost and has to pay but has yet to pay and who knows how many other lawsuits against him! The lawyer said we have to write him a letter with what is left to do and what he has done and give him 10 days to respond and come back and if he doesn't we can fire him, the contract is void and we can get a new contractor. Then we'll go back after him for more money to pay for the mess.