Saturday, January 13, 2007

Haven't updated in a while

I haven't updated in a while so i thought i'd keep everyone up to date on Sarah and Samantha and life here with 3 beautiful girls and absolutely no sleep.

First of all the girls are all doing pretty good. We did have to take Sarah to the dr. friday because she has had a bit of jelly looking blood in her stools. The dr. seems to think it's a fisher tear down below and that it should be ok soon. I'm hoping that is what it is...but i still have my doubts just because it's not really blood but more like currant jelly looking stuff. We are monitoring her very closely and just playing the waiting game to see. The dr. seemed to believe that if it was something worse, she'd be tender in her belly. which so far she is not. Other than that Sarah is doing great. I weighted her today and she weights right at 6lbs which is really great! I'm not real worried about her weight because she is eating like a little piggy. They eat all day and on a good night they eat every 4 hours...on a bad night they eat every 2-3 hrs. It's weird and different how they eat so much compared to sweet little Ms. Hannah that has never really liked to eat. I even remember one time getting really worried and taking Hannah to the dr. when she was a tiny baby because she wasn't eating much. Not the case with these girls. Funny but i can already tell what kind of personality sarah is going to have. She is very needy and wants to be held ALL DAY long. She whines about the smallest thing and is a houdini that can get out of her burrito wrap no matter how tight paul wraps her.

Sam, on the other hand is very laid back. She weight 6lbs too and has really caught up with her sister very fast. She is doing great and we haven't had any issues with her thank goodness. Her peronality is great and if we had two of her we probably wouldn't even know we had two infants around the house. She is calm, quiet and can stare at you all day and not cry unless she is hungry. She cries a bit when she's hungry but NOTHING compared to Sarah who screams at the top of her lungs like she's hurting badly every time she gets hungry.

Before i forget, here is a link to the pic we had taken of the girls at the hospital for their first photo. The doll in the middle was the first doll the received from their aunt jennifer and cousin Allison. I think they look like little cabbage patch dolls in this pic.

Check out the pic and be sure to sign the web nursery book.

Hannah is doing great and just really really loves her sisters. She kisses them and holds their hands all day long. It's really the cutest thing i've ever seen and she is just soo sweet to both girls. I just can't wait till their all old enough to interact's going to be so much fun!

I think that's it for now. Sorry it's taken me so long to update with more info. Of course raising two babies is really hard and i hardly have time to even eat during the day when paul is at work and i'm here with all three girls. I definitely think i'm taking this much easier than i did with Hannah. Even with being doubly sleep deprived i'm not so scared and anxious, as i was when Hannah was born.

Hope everyone had a wonderful XMAS & Happy New Year. I will keep in touch more often once things settle down a bit.