Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hannah’s 7th Birthday!

I’m sure it’s been a year since i updated!  I guess life just gets in the way of blogger every once in a while.  Along with children whining about being hungry, needing a booty wipe and or needing to be broken up from beating each other up!  Life is great!  The girls are all doing great!  Hannah is headed to 2nd grade this year!  All in all time just seems to fly by and before we know it…we’re celebrating another year of our beautiful children’s life’s! 

Here are a few pics of Hannah’s actual birthday!  Stay tuned next week i should have some of her Birthday blow out!


Her awesome Cookie cake above!


Hannah opening up her make up!


This cracks me up….she was like": “MOM, WHY do i need a calendar?”  LOL!


Her cool shoes we bought in Florida at some little shop, a purse that has her initial on it and MOST IMPORTANTLY…KIDZ BOP 20!  WHOO HOO!


My cuties at Chuck E Cheeses!


Sarah riding a tractor!


Hannah riding the tiny carousel


She was THRILLED to go have lunch with her dad and hang out at his work shop for a few minutes!


THANK YOU GRANDMA MYERS…for this awesome puzzle…we’ve put it together twice already!


Hannah headed out to her big present…with blind fold on so she couldn’t peek.


A NEW BIKE!  YAHOO!  She needed one soo bad!  Her 16 inch was WAY to small!  Now she can really take some rides with me!


She wanted to eat at the fancy table, and her dinner choice was beef tacos.  We had to have a little lesson on being a princess before we ate.


Blowing out SEVEN CANDLES!


Such a cutie!

Stay tuned for more after her Party on Saturday!  I’m just not sure if i’m looking forward to 20-30 little 7 and 8 year olds hanging out at my house swimming and sliding down the water slide we rented!  I might need a drink or two after!  LOL!


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!

Looks like a fun day for her. Did you make the cake?