Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Day of MDO for the twins…

It’s been a wonderful year for the girls at their new school.  Despite all the sickness and my issues with germs…the girls have really grown to love their school.  I enjoyed their teachers…and i’m sad that this year is over.  I’m ready for the summer…in some ways.. In other ways(entertaining 3 children for 3 months) i’m not very sure if i’m looking forward to that or not.  HA HA!  Just Kidding!  I know i will enjoy the summer with my girls…and we’ll find lots of fun things to do in and around town. 

Here are a few pics from today!


The boys really liked the hats…the girls…we’ll i think they would have liked princess tiara’s more so, than dr. Seuss hats!


Sarah & one of her classmates…


Samantha…drinking some juice!


LOVE this pic of me and my girls!  Everyone is smiling AND looking at the camera!


Their wonderful teachers…Ms. Lisa, Sam, Sarah & Ms. Tammy!  



cat said...

How the year have flown! I am so glad you are posting more these days.