Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Mommy, I a good girl at school today!"

We are 3 days away from having two toddlers.  I CAN NOT believe it's been almost 2 years.  Time has flown by...and i'm really enjoying life much more than i was 2 years ago.  Now don't get me wrong..having babies is WONDERFUL!  BUT, having babies that walk & talk and tell you what they want...is more my style.  The girls are really growing by leaps and bounds.    Sarah came home today and in the car on the way home she said "mommy, i a good girl at school today".  Right before that she said "mommy, i a big girl..walk to car".  YES, it's amazing that they can talk so well for being 3 days away from 2.  The crying has yet to stop..but everyone has their differences in personalities.  Sarah is definitely a BIG TALKER..kinda like her mommy!  SAM is sweet and calm and isn't ever trouble, if Sarah's not around.  BUT, Sam is NOT my sleeper...Sarah IS for sure!  There are soo many differences in their little personalities and i could go on for days about who is doing what right now.  They are both so cute and sweet...i can't believe they are ALMOST two.  I'll write more tomorrow..i'm exhausted from wrapping present upon present upon birthday presents x's 2! 


Michele said...

I can't believe they're talking so well! Mine are doing that "telegraph" talking thing - only the most important words. Noelle spilled her milk and told her brother - "Bwian... milk... floor.... clean it up." And today I asked her if she pooped and she answered "not yet!" But we have yet to get into true sentences, so yours are doing fabulous!

How are you celebrating their birthdays? We're having a family party the day after Christmas, complete with cake and birthday presents. They've been practicing blowing out the candles for quite a while now!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Cute! Wow, 2 already??

I'm not sure how my internet will be in Portland, so I wanted to wish your lil' ladies a very Happy Birthday!

I love this age!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, S&S!

Barbara Manatee said...

Isn't it awesome to hear them chatter away! They amaze me with what comes out of their mouths! Sarah's 2 new popular phrases are "excuse you, Sarah" if she burps (or will excuse others too - she catches Daddy often - haha!) and "Bless you!" if you sneeze. Its so cute!

Have a Great Christmas and a Happy Birthday!

Gibson Twins said...

Merry Christmas!! I hope it is a wonderful fun morning for all the girls :)

I would figure that identical twins would have very similar personalities, that is cool that they are so very unique! Mine can't stand to be away from eachother so it is very difficult to give them one-on-one time as they'd much prefer eachother over anyone else (even me!). I do have one good sleeper (Ryan) and one very very bad sleepers (Alli) and one who talks nonstop (alli) and one who makes his sister get him whatever he wants (Ryan)!

Happy Holidays :)

Annie said...

Definitely, is so exciting that we understand when they talk. In my case one talk more clear than the other, but we were working with that.