Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Cheryl ALWAYS has neat ideas for her blog twinfatuation. So this week i'm going to participate in the way back when-esday! I have some great pics to share...OK so i'm kinda cheating, since i've added more than one pic! I couldn't help myself!

Feb 07'- Hannah was such a poser. She was 2.5 here...can't believe she's almost 4 now!May 07' - one of my favorite the glasses!

July 07' - they were soo tiny! This was ONE year ago! They have grown soo much!


Harris Boys said...

look at that first photo with the bumbo seats...I just love it brenda!!! wow, the girls were so little...I mean I know they were little, but since I've only seen them 'big' its fun to see :) great pics!!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

SOOOO love that you are playing, and adore all your selections!

(No worries about "cheating"...if you noticed, I kind of snuck in a second one this week, too!)

Can hardly wait to see what you post next week!

debi9kids said...

Adorable pics! So glad you decided to play along this week! I just LOVE looking at these old photos! :)

OMGosh! I can't get over how much the twins now resemble Hannah from that first picture!!!! She has just grown up sooo much & so have they! ADORABLE!!!

Shawn said...

Ah, the memories ... just adorable!! Girls are so sweet.