Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Surgery is DONE!!

It was a long day for Hannah & I! She woke up knowing it was the day of her surgery and wasn't very concerned. I, on the other hand, didn't get much sleep last night and was really worried about today. I knew it had to be done either way! We got to the surgery center right about 750a. Everyone was REALLY nice...so welcoming and just very nice. They took her back fairly quickly(we were the ONLY ones in there). We went over some things and then they took us back to pre-op. She was fine back there. Then the anesthesologist came in and gave her a itsy bit of meds that made her feel like she was a drunken sailor. It was almost scary...and soo weird to see my baby girl like that. They then took her back to surgery. I felt like i was sitting out in the waiting room for hours...it was only maybe 30 minutes. Then they came to get me. I went back and found my sweet baby totally out of it. I was a bit frightened. She was all swollen and couldn't hold her head up...couldn't talk..NOTHING! A few mintues later the nurse asked if she'd like something to drink. I told her i had brought along her favorite cranberry juice. I got it out and we gave her a drink. She immediately started choking...and choking...like she couldn't breathe(like a gulping noise when you are THIRSTY, but it just kept going and going and going). I almost had a heart attack right there. I felt so helpless...the nurse was rubbing her cheeks and
try to get her to swallow it. She kept sayig she was fine. FINE in her eyes maybe...scared the poop out of me. I have NEVER in my life fainted(o wait, except when i gave blood back in college the very first time) but i nearly did today! I must have looked like a white ghost and i kept trying to hang on and help get her back to normal..but i, myself was about to hit the floor. I felt a burning in my cheeks, i was dizzy and then my ears were ALL PLUGGED UP...it was the weirdest thing i have ever felt. I finally told the nurses i had to sit down or i was going to hit the ground. The immediately had me sit on the bed next to hers and hang my head below my knees. I sat there for a few minutes and they kept worrying about me...i kept telling them not to worry about me...i'm fine...please please take care of Hannah! They then brought me a chair to roll over to her side so i could talk to her and try to get her to feeling better...i held back my tears good. It was scary. She couldn't even hold her head up. SERIOUSLY..i had to keep pushing her head back on to her pillow. Then i grabbed my phone and told them i couldn't take her home..i had to call my husband. They said i could use my phone right there...no biggie. So i called Paul on his cell...he didn't answer. I called him at work and they had to put me on hold a few times...i finally got a hold of him and said please just come up here, hannah's fine..but please just come up here. I swear he must have gone 100mph because he showed up in less than 10 minutes for sure. By then, things had gotten a bit better...she was still totally out of it..but she was breathing fine and talking a bit(jibberish talk, but talking a bit). Finally Paul made an executive decision and we decided to take her home. She was stable and talking better. Paul carried her out to the car and we decided to just leave one car up there...we got her about half way into the car seat and i buckled her up and sure enough as the sky is blue, she puked all over the place. Everything she had just drank was all over her and her car seat. Poor baby! She was crying and i told Paul just to get moving and let's get home. He punched it and i sat in the other baby seat in the back with her...and held her leg up because it was really hurting her...and we made it home in 4 or 5 minutes tops!

Once we got home i got her all settled in...things just weren't looking up for me. She was crying and crying and telling me how much she hurt. She'd go through spurts of crying and then calm down and then cry some more. It's so unlike my sweet baby to cry so much. Poor baby! She puked a few times...and then it seemed to calm down. She fell asleep and then when she woke up at 2p she threw up as she woke up. All over again. So i finally called the dr. and he sent her some phenagren to the pharmacy..Pauls on the way to get that as i type. I have pretty much sat by her all day long..catering to her every need. Giving her every lipstick i own...putting eye shadow on her eyes to distract her and anything else i could think of to keep her calm. Finally about 330p-ish we got up and we walked outside to get the mail. She needed a good walk...i think her legs were getting numb from not moving.

She has a ttl of 3 stitches and it's all wrapped up till i take her back Thursday at 1130a. Then he'll check to make sure it's healing and we'll go from there. Her dr. has been wonderful through the entire thing. I've talked to him on the phone twice(personally)...he said to call if i needed anything. I truly think dr. F is great...as is her regular pedi. We're so lucky to have such great dr's.

This month has been a roller coaster of dr's appt's and i'm ready to settle down. I sure hope this is the end of sickness and dr's. I want to get back to a normal life, and i'm sure my dr's are all sick of hearing from me over and over again. I'm normally a very laid back person(or i think i am) but this month i've been grumpy and stressed. Way too many things going on...i like the simple and normal life.

I'll update as things progress...but as of right now we're going on 3 hours(almost) of no puke. Paul is still going to get the meds just in case...because i sure don't want to be without meds in the middle of the night just in case. Tonight i did promise Hananh i'd sleep on the couch and her on daddy's chair just to make sure she's ok all night. Plus she needs to keep her foot proped up as much as possible. She has 3 stitches so hopefully those will all heal well and we won't have to go through this again.

Now, i know i probably looked like a fool..but i did get a pic or two in the waiting room BEFORE surgery...afterwards i was in NO CONDITION to take pics, although Paul did remark that he wanted to get video of how off she was for later...i told him N-O!

Here she is in the waiting room...before the meds! The remote is a massage chair...she loved playing with the buttons!

More pics pre surgery!
Then at home...foot raised, puke bowl on lap, purse full of lipstick on left...teddy bears right by her side. The white foot is the hurt foot...BTW!
Note, to your left...which is really right leg..the wrote NO on it. Then to your right, technically her left leg has the white cover...he even drew a cute little smiley face on it!
No pics please...i'm sick mom! O yeah..notice the purse open...it's FULL of lipsticks!
Just one more pic...she covered her head with teddy bears! Ok, maybe one more!
Then she was fast asleep...this was pre puke. She was sound asleep for about an hour..then she woke up puking! POOR BABY!One more of her fast asleep! Poor baby! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh bless her little (and your big) heart(s)!

Hoping tomorrow all of this ruged recovery is a blur, and ALL are feeling MUCH better!

Hang in there!
(And what a good mommy you are to load her up with lipstick love!)

Harris Boys said...

Oh my..poor girls today....I know the medicine they gave her probably caused her to get sick...I've heard that's pretty normal. She looks so peaceful sleeping in those last 2 pics...probably the phenergan (makes you sleeply)

hope her foot heals fast and she's back to playing...sorry it was such a tramatic day...surgery day is no fun and very scary for us moms!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Get well soon!

Can't wait to see you smile agian in your pics
hugs and kisses going your way!

Jamie said...

Awww. Your poor baby! Surgery with your kids is scary. I've been there twice with Dallas, and there's nothing more frightening than seeing them in that drunken, post drug state. I hope that she's feeling better soon, and that you guys are able to get some rest!

And I agree, a vacation in deed!!!!

cat said...

Sorry you had such a tough day! Hoping everything is much better today and that she has a speedy recovery.

My little girl also adores make-up. Her biggest treat.

GibsonTwins said...

You are such a good mommy! Hannah didn't look scared at all in the pics, that is so wonderful! When they gave Ryan the Versed before surgery, he was so wobbly (only 7 months old for the first one) and I felt silly for not being able to hold him up right- a drunken sailor he was!

What a sweet idea to give her a bunch of lipsticks and her pretty pink blanket- I hope the medicine worked! I hope she is feeling a lot better today, still keeping you in our prayers.

GibsonTwins said...

The single strollers are from JCPenney (they still have them- I got pink but they also had purple for girls too), think they were around $20- I LOVE THEM!

The Binstock's said...

I hope today is a better day for you guys! Hang in there and I'm thinking of you!

Krissy said...

Oh, I am so sorry you had such a rough day! That sounds unbelieveably stressful. I am sorry Hannah reacted so strongly to the anesthesia...poor little girl! Sounds like you were super-mom today! Hope you get a chance to decompress soon!

jay_say said...

Wow... what a response to the aenesthics... I had to take phenergan when I was pg - it helps with the nausousness(sp) but it does make you sleepy too.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Yikes! I was thinking about you guys yesterday...sorry to hear about the rough day! I hope that Hannah is perking up today...and I hope that you got a few winks and your stress level is a bit lower!

Hang in there, Carrie