Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mommy Blogger Award!

AWW! I've been awarded a MOMMY BLOGGER AWARD! I'm SO EXCITED and to be quite honest, I LOVE BLOGGING! It's my second favorite thing to do. FIRST OF COURSE IS PLAYING WITH MY GIRLS! :)
THANKS JAMIE, what a special award to receive! I have really met some great friends in the past few months that i have really gotten into blogging. I also feel like i can really let go and not try to sugar coat any of my hectic but exciting and fun life with three beautiful girls!
Now on to the fun stuff!
Here are the rules, its really very simple!!!
When you get an award you have to send it on to 3 more Mommy Bloggers and say why you like reading that blog. Then you must leave a comment on their blog letting them know they were given the award! Easy enough!
First up is: Carrie
I love reading her blog. I don't even remember how i found Carrie's blog. I might have serached for identical twins right around my girls age...or i may have found it on HDYDI..i'm not sure. Carries blog is about identical twin boys Finn & Reid. Her blog is all about life raising her two precious young twins.
BTW, Finn & Reid are precious and always have something fun going on over on their side of the world(the live in ALASKA)! Also, Carrie & Brook are such lovely people and great it's great comparing notes since our kidos are so close in age.
Another favorite blog of mine is Alyssas' blog. Her blog is about her family, raising her identical twin girls, Adyson & Ashlyn and her older little cutie Blake who is right around Hannah's age. Alyssa is so sweet and i feel like she's a great friend and we have so much in common...although we'll probably never meet! When i say we have a lot in common...we both have twins and a older child and were both married right around the same time... i feel an extra bond b/c we both went from 1 to 2 kidos :) Since her girls are a tad bit older...i like to check her blog and see what's next for me and my brood! My favorite blog yet was titled "one of those wordless moments!" I couldn't stop laughing because i just bought those exact tooth brushes the other day!
Lastly, but not least, Katie.
Katies blog is about her two identical twin boys..Andrew & Ethan. She writes about her life raising her two precious boys. Katie is the sweetest and always has such nice things to say. I would love to get our kidos together someday, although not many people in the blogging community ever meet since we're all from different states. Katie & her hubby have such a precious family and i love watching her boys as they grow.
To copy the award...just save as to your computer and then add like a pic!

Thanks again Jamie! I love your blog too! I love how you write everything from you heart. No sugar coating anything. I don't sugar coat either. I like to read about real life things. You have such a beautiful family...and i'm so happy we became buddies through blogging!


Harris Boys said...

oh brenda, you are so sweet, thanks for the award...I'll post mine tomorrow, as its late and I need to get to bed.

thanks for the kind words and yes I would love to meet you and have our kiddos play together, how much fun would that be?

Jamie said...

You're very welcome!!!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Way-To-Go girl! I always love reading your blog and love the pics of our girls so sweet!