Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Never ending Cough!

Errr...i'm so confused at to what could be wrong with Hannah. I can't even say how many coughs she's had this year...but it's coming back full force again. I knew it was coming back a few days ago...and so i remembered my MOM friend Stacy telling me about giving Cameron(her little boy) honey at night to coat his throat to stop the never ending cough. SO, i started yesterday morning because she was coughing and coughing and i wanted to take her to school so i thought it was worth a try. Well, i gave it her yesterday morning...and it was the "MIRACLE DRUG" for her. But i still have to get down to the bottom of this issue so i've been giving her inhalers of albuterol and steroids as my dr. has instructed me to do each and every time this happens. So i called the dr. and she told me to make an appt with an i'm going to do that today. BUT, to make it through school i thought i could just take the whole thing of honey up to school with a teaspoon and let them give her some every time she gets a bad attack. Evidently that's a BIG BIG, NO NO! So, i argued with the administrator for a bit and gave up. I was soo annoyed..i know it's not school policy...but i'm NOT going to make her miss school i'm paying for ALL the time because of this snot, no fever, nothing...other than this yucky on going DRY cough. So i said fine, deal with it..but don't call me if she has an attack...give her some water and deal with it...if she's not because she has a virus it's the don't call me. Gosh, i know that sounds bad...and it's not that i don't care...i was just REALLY annoyed that they wouldn't make an exception(she's been going there for almost 3 years and i've NEVER sent her to school with meds...because i'm one of the moms that usually just keeps their kids out of school if they are sick)...but i'm sick of this cough and taking her out all the time for a simple little cough that could be prevented with my new Miracle honey! :) The teacher asked me...well if she has an attack...i'll just call you and you come pick her up...i said NOPE, i'm going out to the i won't be anywhere near here.

Anyway, to make a long story call all day. When i picked her up, the teacher said "she hardly coughed all day"...Hannah said "i did cough a whole bunch" know how kids tell it to you like it is when you want to sugar coat something. I said "ok thanks" and we left. The MINUTE we got in the car she started coughing non stop..yeah right...she didn't cough hardly at all my keister. Anyway, i told her NEXT time i want to give her some honey..i'll dump out one of her prescriptions and give her THAT! annoying. Some of the rules they have at school are so for instance not only the medicine rule, but the birthday rule. If you want your child to celebrate his/her birthday at school you MUST bring pre-packaged things from a store bakery...not anything home made(which are always much better). I saw one lady who hadn't known the rule as i hadn't...and she made all these really cute individual kiddy cakes for each and everyone of the kids and teachers...she was walking back out with everything...i would be some money she said at least ONE POTTY WORD :) I would have at that point.

Anyway, so now we're going to go to a allergist sometime soon. I'm going to try to make an appt today while the girls are napping...hopefully we can get in sometime soon...we'll see.

On another note, the girls vocabulary is really blooming...last night Sarah walked right up to Paul while he was holding Sam and said "UP". It was the first real time it was completely understandable...i mean there was no missing that word. Then this morning Sarah yelled "bye, bye" as Paul was walking out the's the cutest thing ever. I can't believe my girls are part of me is SOO excited, while the other part of me wants them to wait a while am i going to deal with THREE girls sassing me back???? One is WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH. I mean Hannah is really going through a bad phase right now...she is fighting, sassing, and hitting. I do what i can...but the discipline plan i have been working on just doesn't seem to be working. We've tried everything from time out in the foyer to putting her in her room and holding the door shut(well now i put one of those handle things on the inside, so i shut the door and she can't get out). But now that i'm writing this...What would she do if she got sick at night and couldn't get out to get us. EWH....i better re-think that one.

Happy HUMP DAY! Thank goodness...only 2.5 days left of the week!