Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Much better today...

The girls are back to normal today. Actally they are back to normal and then some. LOL! They have been fighting and pulling each other's hair ALL morning..pulling each other off their little ride on toys...poking each other with toys..whatever they can do to bother the other one. FUN FUN! Sam was acting a bit abormal for a bit...fell asleep in Pauls arms while i took a shower...but she seems back to normal as she's hitting back when Sarah hits her.

I forgot to mention yesterday at school as i picked them up Ms. Caroline mentioned that they caught Sarah in the ACT OF getting ready to chomp down on SAM! HILARIOUS! Then she said she saw the bite mark/bruise on Sams arm and thought it happened at school...but then since it had already bruised maybe not. I told her they do it ALL day if it happens at long as it is just biting each other, no big deal! :) That's just part of life around here...LOTS AND LOTS OF BITING! Funny part is the roles has totally switched AGAIN! It used to be Sam biting Sarah, now it's Sarah biting SAM! Funny and weird. They switch roles every once in a's so funny and interesting. It's like Sam taught Sarah a bad thing...then SHE learned her lesson and now Sarah is doing it b/c she HAS NOT learned her lesson yet. I don't know if i should raise my voice a bit...and tell her no...or let them fight it out. Lately i let them fight it out till the chompers are almost hitting the other one's skin! Then i say NO! I cant' believe my children are such BIG biters...i don't know WHERE this came from. How do children learn to bite each do children learn that it hurts to pull their sisters hair...i need DUMMIES FOR TWINS OR DUMMIES FOR MULTIPLES! Is there such a book? OR MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE ONE! LOL! Wouldn't that be cool???

Anyway, today should be a better day! Man, that car ride yesterday on the way home from the dr. was HORRIBLE! The worse ride home ever! Sam would NOT stop screaming...i did anything i could. I rolled down the windows...but then i looked like a mean mom that had just beat my child because the screaming was so i'd leave the windows down to drown out the sound till we hit a light then roll them up. I turned radio up...that drowned it out a bit...but not for long....i put on some crazy loud music...i swear i sounded like those crazy people that their whole car is "THUMPING" at a light. LOL! I tried to give her my lipstick...anything...anything...that would calm her down..NOTHING WORKED! Then when we got home(Paul took another route home on the freeway, i went the back way...guess who made it home first??? MOI!" Anyway, i took her out of the car...she had a breakdown in the middle of the driveway so Paul couldn't even pull in..i don't think i could have done anything right then and there to calm her down. I've learned that i'm definitely NOT ready yet to take them for shots on my own...esp since we also took Hannah along b/c we didn't have anyone to watch her.

So the conclusion i came to about yesterday was that the sweet little lady was new and maybe hit a nerve or muscle or something she wasn't supposed to hit. I don't know what else it could have been...she was in SOOO MUCH PAIN...and that has never happened before. Usually they poke them...cry or a few seconds and they are fine. NOT this time.

Allrightie well today may be the day for edible playdough..BUT i don't have any karyo i'm trying to figure out if i'm feeling good enough to take all 3 to target to get some karyo syrup...Hmmm...we'll see. Not quite sure yet b/c i'm really tired today and just couldn't seem to sleep last night because i was all worried that Sam would puke again. She didn't though..thank goodness. On top of that...since i was up and down all night...someone's house alarm went off last night...then i got all worried that someone was getting robbed and started to get all worried about my neighbors..since most(excluding the ones right across the street who are our age and have a little one that is a few months older than the twins) are old and probably can't really do anything to protect themselves. John, the grumpy one next door, is 85 yrs old...AMAZING...and he still mows his OWN YARD...and we all have almost an acre!

Happy HUMP DAY! To those having a bad week...just think by noon, only 2.5 days left and we'll have the weekend...although my weekend is already packed...MOMS garage sale/bake sale Sat morning till noon and then sunday we're going to the bluebonnetts with cousin Allison!


Gibson Twins said...

Poor girl, you are probably right about the nurse maybe hitting a nerve. That has happened to us (I used to get so frustrated with the nurses since I was/am more qualified than them- but then I just learned my role as "mom" not "nurse" at the doctors office and it seems a little better now).

Isn't it awful that kids are born with the knowledge that biting hurts others etc? Mine bite eachother but usually I let them work it out unless I see blood. Although its not the same story when I am the target of their teeth! lol

I keep 2 empty water bottles in my car because the sound of the twins mashing the plastic bottles seems to tune out the sound of whining and crying. They hate the sun in their eyes but don't always leave their sunglasses on so that is always an issue when I take them out of town. Plus twins feed off eachother don't you think?

We are ready ready ready for the weekend! Hope the playdough turns out tasty!!

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, so I had so much to comment on but forgot everything once I saw the words "bluebonnets"....OH! I CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.SEE.PICTURES!!!

* Glad you had a better day! :)