Sunday, March 02, 2008

Temp Down to 100.1

Well, after tylenol, motrin & more tylenol...the temp was down to 101.1 and then to 100.1. It's going down...THANK GOD! We are going to stay up till 1030p and give her one more round of motrin and hit the sack. I'll check her throughout the night(then need lots of coffee in the morning) and make sure her fever doesn't spike back up. Right now she just can't seem to get comfortable. She's laying on dads lap...but lots of moving around and grunting. MY POOR BABY! I feel soo horrible for her!

My sister Jennifer said Allison had issues with a fever a few months ago...she ended up having a virus. SO, it's either that or an ear infection. My girls haven't had ONE it could be that. Who knows.

I'm sad though because we had planned on taking the girls to the Houston Live Stock Show with Mel & Ben and Katelyn & Sydney on Tuesday but now we're not going to be able to go...unless it's just an ear infection which isn't contagious. I'm going to call the Dr. in the morning to make an appt for Sam to get checked out either way. UGH! This is by far the worst part of parenting...having to worry all night about your sweet helpless baby...that can't even tell you what hurts or what's wrong.