Sunday, March 23, 2008

The days are getting better!

So after the long conversation with my MOM friend with 5 month old twins, i decided it was time to kick it in to high gear and find some solution to make them sleep later. SO, Friday night i decided to put them to sleep while they were awake. I made sure they only got one nap and left them in their crib for the 2 hour period even after they both woke up 1hr 15 minutes into the nap. Then Friday night we didn't put their pj's on until after they had their nightly bottle. After that we let them play some more so we could put them to bed awake. They played until about 8p and we put them in their beds awake and turned off the nightlight. Saturday Morning they woke up at about 5:22a. I thought HALLELUIA..finally a little more rest. Then this morning they woke up at almost 6am! AMEN! WOW...what a world of difference. Paul said he heard someone squeak a couple of times after 5:30a but nothing we just stayed in bed till they really started to yell(6am). WOW! What a difference. I really owe Wendy(my mom friend) big time! Thank goodness for my MOMS friends that i have so much in common friends that know what i'm going through with multiples!

SO, let's see if these two past nights were a fluke...or if it gets even better!


BoufMom9 said...

Praying for you that it just keeps getting better & better.
PS I feel the same way about my twins group. I actually met them all online but have since gotten together with a whole bunch of them and I couldn't have survived this 17 months without them....wait! 17 months plus the whole twin pregnancy. :)

Gibson Twins said...

If you are excited they are sleeping in til 6am, I am so scared to ask what time they WERE getting up before... it gets a lot easier to put them to bed awake after time. We started with that one early because for the first 3 months I let them both sleep in our bed between us and knew that had to stop at some point. I put mine down for naps (we're still on 2 naps) and bedtime fully awake- I don't know if I could get them to sleep anymore if they weren't in their beds. The struggle now is they want their sippies with COLD water to take to bed with them and half of me says no, the other half thinks "well I do that so how could I say no". So far we've been winning that battle though.

Happy Easter too (late, I know!)

Here's hoping for later mornings at the Myers house!